Speaking the Unseen.


Photography is the art of symbolization and the photographer the person availing oneself of such a symbolization.

The completed photography translates his point of view to his audience.

We never just look onto the world. We are always establishing a relation between the things looked at and ourselves. We cannot but look at things with the facits of our personality constantly tinging what we see. And we depend on sharing these different aspects with others, as this was the only way to reassure us of our surroundings.

The translation brought about by photography is the attempt to aligning with others.

The photographer translates his subjective and unavoidably personal perspective in a language of symbols that can be deciphered by his viewers.

What he saw is now facing the other and seeks for his understanding.

The gap between one's own symbol and the foreign beholder will always stay insurmountable. The creative handwriting of the photographer gives his picture a message that no spectator will ever be able to completely understand.

No particular exposure time, no way of artificial illumination finally will lead to an unmistakable explanation of what the photographer actually wanted to tell.

When an exhibition visitor is pleased by a photography, when he thinks he has got the gist of it, that solely means, that the photographer has suceeded in tranlating his view into symbols the spectator feels familiar with.

Janne Krippl
Vienna, March 2016